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Dream Big - Print

Dream Big - Print

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This is a print created from original artwork by Megan titled "Dream Big". The original was created on a 16" x 20" canvas board using charcoal and conté crayon. 

You can buy the original, a Limited Edition 16x20 print, a Limited Edition 11x14 print or a Beautiful Locally Printed 8x10 print

The limited editions are on Rag Stock, signed and numbered!

We sell the 8x10 print at 515 Brewing Company for Pickup!

Elephants are amazing creatures, and did you know that scientists have found that they have the same response in their brains as humans when looking at puppies? 🐘🐶 So adorable! #charcoal #elephants #humans #puppy #contecrayon #scientificstudies

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