About Art Is Rad

About Art Is Rad

Megan and Jeremiah from Art Is Rad'Art Is Rad' by Megan & Jeremiah LaBresh celebrates the transformative power of art. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community that believes creativity knows no bounds. From paintings to music, culinary arts to crafts, we embrace every form of creative expression.

'Art Is Rad' is not just a brand; it's a collaborative platform where artists share their talents and showcase each other's work. Join us for our engaging podcast and show, where we dive into conversations with artists about their craft. Explore and purchase custom artwork created by Megan and Jeremiah, along with merchandise featured on our show.

Be inspired by our tutorial videos on TikTok, designed to encourage others to join in the creative journey and collaborate with talented individuals. Together, let's unlock the boundless potential of art and build a vibrant community that celebrates creativity in all its forms. 🌟


The Logo

Art Is Rad, represented by the acronym A.I.R., embodies the sentiment that for many of us, ART is the very AIR we breathe. 🎨✨ The symbol for AIR serves as the foundation for our distinctive logo.


The symbol of Air is the basis for the logo of Art Is Rad


Our logo carries a Rad vibe, as seen in the 'Art Is Rad' Action logo. 


Art Is Rad "Action" logo

This design captures our mission without the tagline 'Connecting People Through Creativity.'

Simplified Art is Rad Logo with Tag Line "Connecting People Through Creativity"

Additionally, we offer a 2-color logo version for added versatility.

Art is Rad 2 color logo version

In every iteration, Art Is Rad remains the essence of our creative existence. 

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