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Glittery Cotton Candy Sky

Glittery Cotton Candy Sky

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Megan LaBresh's 2x6 Original Watercolor Artwork on Watercolor Paper - Glittery Cotton Candy Sky, Complete with Protective Vinyl Cover and Random Color Tassel

Experience the magic of "Glittery Cotton Candy Sky," Megan LaBresh's 2x6 original watercolor artwork on high-quality watercolor paper. This enchanting piece features a mesmerizing, glittery cotton candy sunset that casts a dreamy glow, creating a whimsical atmosphere.

The delicate strokes of watercolor bring the sky to life, reminiscent of a fairytale evening sky. From the bottom, whimsical grass emerges, adding an element of fantasy to this captivating artwork. Megan's artistry captures the essence of a serene moment, inviting you to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

To ensure the longevity of this enchanting piece, each bookmark comes with a protective vinyl cover. A delightful random color tassel accompanies the artwork, making each piece a unique and charming addition to your collection.

"Glittery Cotton Candy Sky" is a celebration of imagination and the vibrant colors of nature. Whether used to adorn the pages of your favorite book or gifted to someone special, this bookmark is a tangible expression of the beauty found in dreamy sunsets and the simple joy of whimsical landscapes.

Indulge in the magic of "Glittery Cotton Candy Sky" and let Megan LaBresh's art bring a touch of enchantment to your everyday moments.

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