June Was Art-tastic!

June Was Art-tastic!

First of all, thank you for your support! You have really shown us that what we are doing is fun and enjoyable! Thank you for your kind words, your sharing on social media and talking to your friends about Art Night. And thank you for those who have purchased merchandise and art to help us keep Art Night what it is!

Special thank you to 515 Brewing Company, Art Week Des Moines, Kelsey, Stephanie, Kurtis and Trisha. Your support has been such a huge help!

Our Tie Dye event that was on May 25th. That in itself was a long day of helping people create some Rad Art! It was so much fun! Every once in a while we catch someone wearing their shirt around town and it's so great to talk to them. Everyone says how much fun they had and how they loved their art! 

When we were planning June, it was right before our Tie Dye event. We also knew it was Art Week. And the art festival was happening. The first thing we did was talk about what would be fun to do! We also took the opportunity to try doing some art shows. 

Monday, June 3 - Paint and Pass
Friday, June 7th - First Friday
Monday, June 10 - Design a Crowler Label Contest / Create a Coaster
Tuesday, June 11th - Franklin Blockade Party - where we created some community art
Saturday, June 15th - A ruff reboot - Art Show
Monday, June 17 - Crowler label winner announcement and  Mosaics round 1
Monday, June 24 - Mosaics round 2
Saturday June 29th and Sunday June 30th - Des Moines Art Festival Volunteering with DSM Craftmakers and Creative Habitat and Mix Creative! 

Paint and Pass:

We had 17 artists and 3 artists just showed up to hang out and work on their own art! But what a lot of fun! Everyone created some amazing art. I think some people were very surprised. Jeremiah was gifted a piece of art that started with his face. There was another pice of art with characters from toy story and another piece of art with an underwater theme. Others had flowers or birds and one had dinosaurs. 
We look forward to round 2 in July!

Crowler label Design contest / coasters:

Wow that was a lot of fun! We had 13 people enter the crowler design contest. There were people who created airplanes, spooky themed art, faces, mountains, beautiful line art. It was every exciting! The coasters created were wonderful! There were a lot of designs and at the end people seemed happy with what they created! Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success. People voted all week in the tap room and online. 

Franklin Blockade Party:

This was part of Art Week Des Moines! The instructions were to show up on franklin ave, set up and try to focus on community over selling art! So we grabbed the biggest canvas we had, we set up our booth so a large table was out front. We asked people to create a face or something that represented them on a small piece of cardboard, then they would sign the front. We then took them and glued them to the canvas. We had written on the canvas "Franklin Blockade Party 2024 - Connecting People Through Creativity" ... we didnt think we would have a lot of participation. But so many people loved the idea, we had over 100 people contribute. By the end the night, the only words showing on our canvas was "Connecting People through Creativity"... but you could barely see the words. 
We plan on working with the Franklin Library to display it. If you are interested in a print, please message us.

A ruff reboot:

Props to Rebel Art for putting on this show. There were so many amazing artists and amazing bands. 

Crowler label winner announcement and Mosaics round 1

Kamm won the crowler design contest. There were so many votes! We interviewed people in the taproom voting. People online voting as well as 515 Staff. They were all very excited to have this run! 
Mosaics were a blast! A lot of people found it challenging but they really enjoyed their outcome! It's great to see artist challenge themselves! We had 32 people attend that night. Which is the most we have had at an art night. We had a lot of new people that met us at the franklin blockade party.

Mosaics Round 2

We had a lot of fun again! We had a lot of repeat people who wanted to create mosaics again. That was a lot of fun to see! There were 21 people who came and created with us.

Crowlers labels are on!

We were able to get the crowler labels on the crowlers! There are 33 labeled crowlers all numbered! These are going to be a collectors item! 

Art Festival

We were able to help volunteer with Creative Habitat, Mix Creative and DSM Craftmakers! Their goal was to spread the word about their Family-Friendly Coworking space as well as put together a community piece of art that was donated to the Des Moines Children's Museum!
It was such a rewarding experience. So many people helped to make this happen. Thank you for letting us be apart of your journey! 

Thank you 

Thank you for making June a lot of fun! We hope you find Art Night very Rad! We are ready to fly into July with some great projects and we hope to see you at one or all of our events! 

July Art Night!

Check out our calendar for upcoming Art Nights and Art Shows! 
We are very excited about all of our events, but the last one of the month, everyone what attends will get an Art Is Rad beer glass to decorate! 

Help us keep Art Night going!

You can help keep Art Night going by purchasing Art, Merch and paying for Art Night! 
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