Will Make Art For Food

If you saw an artist with this sign, please support them.

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Don't want to buy their art, but want to help them out?

Here Are Some Ways to Empower Artists Beyond Purchases

Artists pour their passion and creativity into every piece they create, and your support means the world to them. While purchasing art is a fantastic way to support artists financially, there are numerous other impactful ways to be a patron of the arts. Here are some creative ways to champion artists and help them thrive:


1. Share the Love Online

Social Media Shoutouts: Follow your favorite artists on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Share their work, tag them, and introduce their talent to your network.

Reposts and Retweets: A simple share goes a long way. Repost or retweet their artwork to broaden its reach.


2. Engage and Connect

Comment and Engage: Leave thoughtful comments on their posts. Engagement boosts their visibility and lets them know their work is appreciated.

Join Online Communities: Participate in forums or groups where artists gather. Share insights, ask questions, and build a sense of community.


3. Support Beyond Art

Patreon and Subscriptions: Many artists have Patreon pages or subscription models. Consider supporting them regularly for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Online Shops: Explore artists' online shops for merchandise like stickers, prints, or even apparel. It's a tangible way to showcase your support.


4. Bring Art into Your Life

Commission Artwork: Collaborate with artists on custom pieces. It's a unique way to get personalized art while supporting their craft.

Art Events: Attend local art shows, exhibitions, or online events. Your presence matters and encourages artists to keep creating.


5. Spread the Word

Word of Mouth: Tell your friends and family about artists whose work you admire. Personal recommendations can lead to new opportunities for artists.


6. Financial Support

Buy Art: If possible, invest in original pieces. It not only provides financial support but also validates the artist's work.

Tip Jar: Some artists have digital tip jars. A small contribution can make a big difference.

Remember, every action, big or small, contributes to the vibrant art community. So, the next time you see the "Will Make Art for Food" message, know that supporting an artist goes beyond a mere transaction—it's about building a community that cherishes and sustains creativity.


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