Sticker Series

About the Series

Welcome to our monthly sticker series, Each month, we're excited to bring you a fresh and humorous set of unique stickers.


Collaborate with Us!

We invite All artists to join us on this creative journey. If you're an artist interested in contributing to future months, reach out to us! Let's collaborate to bring diverse perspectives and styles to our sticker series. 


This Month

The series kicks off with a playful and lighthearted theme, capturing the essence of adulting in a tongue-in-cheek manner. Collect all 12! 

We will be giving out this first set individually when you see us in person. But if you would like to buy these from our store, you can buy the set for $18.

Set 1: Stickers 1 - 4

This set includes: 

  • I had a beer
  • I ate a vegetable
  • I had my fiber
  • I beat Tinder

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I Adulted Series 1 - Set 1

Set 2: Stickers 5 - 8

This set includes: 

  • I made an appointment
  • I tipped my door dasher
  • i called in sick (i wasnt)
  • I paid rent

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Set 2: Stickers 5 - 8


Set 3: Stickers 9 - 12

This set includes: 

  • I had some ice cream
  • I did my laundry
  • I watched ten episodes
  • I cleaned up after my dog

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Set 3: Stickers 9 - 12