Un-valentines day party at 515 Brewing Company

Un-valentines day party at 515 Brewing Company

Un-Valentine's Day Party - February 14th, 2024 - 5pm to 8pm - at 515 Brewing Company


A free event, just show up and join the fun!

Join Megan and Jeremiah from Art is Rad at 515 Brewing Company for an Un-Valentine's Day party from 5:00pm to 8:00pm on Valentines Day! 

We will be playing Card's Against Humanity with our own special rules. 

Everyone will have the option to buy an art project to create your own coasters. This will include coasters, special markers, stickers and more. 

Schedule for the Un-Valentines Day Party:

  • 5:00pm - Show up and grab a beverage
  • 5:20pm - Get ready for the Cards Against Humanity
  • 5:30pm - Start the Cards Against Humanity Game
  • 7:30pm - Make sure the prizes are distributed 
  • 8:00pm - On to the next party


Cards Against Humanity Tournament Rules (updated 2024-02-13):

  • There will be 3 tables of up to 8 players each 
  • There will be 1 area of prizes
  • Card czar will always be the previous winner
    • The person with the lowest age will be first card czar
  • Card czar will select a card czar card, they can re-draw up to 3 times
  • Players must play as many cards as the selected card card czar card requires
  • The card czar will read the answers.
  • The card czar will pick a winner.
  • The winner must take their winning card(s) and beverage and swap seats with another winner from another table. 
  • The winner joining the table is the new card czar.
  • We will play until 7:30pm

We will have a table of prizes sorted out by number of winning cards. 

So the more hands you win, the more prizes you can grab! 

You are playing for cards and you redeem those cards for prizes. So if a prize is worth 5 cards, you need to win 5 times and then you can collect your prize!

Prizes are limited, so collect them while you can. 

Some of the prizes we have available:

  • Fidget Packs
  • Art Packs
  • Beer Tickets
  • Crowler Tickets
  • Shirts
  • Artwork
  • Stickers
  • and more! 



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