Drink and Draw - January 5th, 2024

Drink and Draw - January 5th, 2024

If you didn't know, we host a drink And Draw at 515 Brewing Company you can find our events on our facebook page. We mostly host these on Monday nights from 6pm to 8pm. However we have hosted a couple of them on Friday nights. If you don't know what Drink And Draw is, it's a time that artists can get together, have a beer and make art together. In the past, it's artists, but we are working on making it more inclusive. So, we always invite people to bring their project and supplies, so they can have some company while they work on art or we will have a project to do, and provide supplies, so people can come and make something fun, even if they don't consider themselves an artist. So far, it's been a lot of fun watching people come and create art.

This Friday's Drink And Draw was a bit different, we had plans to go to Mainframe Studios, First Friday beforehand, which if you didn't know, Mainframe studios has over 220 artists and on the first Friday of the month, Mainframe Studios hosts a free to attend event, where you can get a drink and go look at all of the artists studios that wish to participate and the work they are doing. 

So our plan was: Go to Mainframe Studios for First Friday from 5pm to 7pm then to 515 Brewing Company to host Drink And Draw from 7:30 to 10pm. However, Jeremiah had some work stuff come up and we had to shift the plans and skip First Friday. We still made it to Drink and Draw and it was a lot of fun!

When we showed up, we gave Joe, one of our favorite Beertenders at 515 Brewing Company a flyer to put up at the front to let people know we would be there. And we set up our space in the back at one of the large tables. There were a lot of people there, which makes it a little more lively. We decided that we would do some post card size water colors when people showed up. Once we were set up, putting out art supplies and our mediocre sign, we grabbed some beers from Joe. I started with a Baltic Porter mixed with Tactical Turtleneck, suggested by Joe and Megan had a Passé mixed with a Pineapple Cider which both combinations were delicious. 

Right away we had some friends join us for their first time, James and Franco and at the same time, we had some new people join come to our event, Jamie and Kayleigh. Jamie and Kayleigh heard about our event from Facebook. We share with everyone what we were doing, creating post card sized or 9x12 sized water colors. Jamie and Kayleigh, a couple, decided to start with the post card sized water colors. James decided on the post card size and Franco decided on the larger size. We then handed everyone Megan's book of water color paintings and asked if there was something in there they would like to create in their own version. 

New Friends Joining Us at Drink And Draw

Jamie and Kayleigh chose to create a fragmented water color, separated by tape. Then they would use water color to color the sections however they like. James tried out some color blobs and Franco decided to make a custom Scream themed work of art. Megan was working on a landscape and I decided I wanted to try making a pattern that over-lapped on a dark background, then I would add faces to those shapes. I also wanted to make some creatures from some random water color lines.  

This is what the art Jamie and Kayleigh used as inspiration:

Fragment Water Color by Megan

This is their work in progress:

Jaime working on Water Color Kayleigh's work of art in progress Jamie's work of Art in progress

We explained to everyone how the water color pens worked and how the water color sheets worked. Taping the paper to the table, working with the washi tape. Then everyone started to work. 

We shared a bit about our lives, our kids, the fun stuff we like to do in our free time. It was a lot of fun hearing everyone get excited about the art everyone was creating. Each of us showing each other the art we were making as we were creating it. 

James and Franco getting started  James asking about Megan's art

We had a few more beers, and more conversations, eventually we had to wrap up the night, everyone was pretty happy with what they created.

This was Jamie and Kayleigh showing off their artwork!

Jamie's and Kayleigh's final product

Here is Franco showing off his artwork!

Franco's work of art


A bonus to the night, Franco made us a hype video

Here is what Megan and I created, you can buy the originals for $50 or by a print.

With any purchase from our store, you are helping us to put on future events, like Drink And Draw with no material costs. 

Original: Trees and Water - Watercolor

 Trees and Water - Watercolor Original

Print: Many Sizes starting at $6.50

Original: Creature Feature

Creature Feature

Print: Many Sizes starting at $5.50

Original: Trees and Water - Watercolor Print


Print: Many Sizes starting at $6.50


We thank you for reading our updates and look forward to seeing you at our next Drink And Draw at 515 Brewing Company. We would love your feedback to make sure we keep improving our events.

Youtube: https://youtube.com/shorts/snt-IvvxiwM


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